What Type of Line Is Best for Ice Fishing?

choosing the right ice fishing line

You might think the frozen landscape of ice fishing means any old line will do, but I'm here to tell you it's a battleground for line performance, and not all contenders are up to the challenge. In the icy world where temperatures plummet and the environment plays dirty, the debate over the best line—monofilament, braided, … Read more

Is Ice Fishing Worth It?

the pros and cons

As I trudge through snow, drill through ice, and wait in the biting cold, I can't help but question the sanity of ice fishing enthusiasts. Sure, they'll tell you it's relaxing, rewarding, and a way to connect with nature, but I'm not quite sold. With the hefty price tag on specialized gear, the very real … Read more

Why Are Ice Fishing Lures So Small?

size of ice fishing lures

As I wade through the sea of ice fishing gear, I can't help but notice that the lures are about as minuscule as the chances of a heatwave in January. Now, I've heard all the justifications: fish have a slower metabolism in the cold, limited movement means a smaller strike zone, and you've got to … Read more

Can You Fish in Winter?

fishing in winter conditions

As the mercury plummets, the age-old question rises to the surface like a fish gasping for air: can you really fish in winter? I've heard every tall tale and wives' tale under the bleak midwinter sun, but I'm not one to take the bait until I've cast my own line into the icy depths of … Read more

Are Inline Ice Fishing Reels Worth It?

pros and cons of inline ice fishing reels

When the latest ice fishing reel came out, outfitted with all the bells and whistles, it reminded me of a kid's tricked-out bicycle—sure, it looks cool, but does it really make the ride any better? I've been fishing through the freeze for years, and I've watched as these inline reels have become the new shiny … Read more

Pros and Cons of Inline Ice Fishing Reels

evaluating inline ice fishing reels

Researchers suggest that a significant percentage of ice anglers have switched to inline reels, but let's take a moment to cut through the noise. I've seen the hype around inline ice fishing reels, and while they're touted for their sensitivity and reduced line twist, I'm not one to take these claims at face value without … Read more

How to Use Inline Ice Fishing Reel?

using an inline ice reel

Most people don't realize that using an inline ice fishing reel is more like performing surgery than casting a line in traditional fishing. I've seen countless anglers, novices, and veterans alike, fumbling with their gear on the ice, convinced that their lackluster catch is due to bad luck rather than poor technique. Let's cut through … Read more

What Is an Inline Ice Fishing Reel?

explanation of inline ice reels

As the adage goes, 'there's more than one way to skin a cat,' and in the world of ice fishing, there's certainly more than one way to reel in a fish. But let's talk about this whole inline ice fishing reel business. I've seen them touted as the next big thing, a must-have for any … Read more

Can You Use a Tent for Ice Fishing?

tent for ice fishing

When the wind howls, the temperatures drop, and the ice thickens, you have to wonder: is a tent really suitable for ice fishing? Call me a skeptic, but I can't help questioning the idea of swapping a traditional ice shanty for a fabric sanctuary. They say a tent can shield you from the elements, offer … Read more

Can You Sleep in an Ice Fishing Tent?

sleeping in an ice fishing tent

Is bedding down in an ice fishing tent truly as straightforward as anglers claim? I've heard the tales, seen the cozy Instagram posts with smiling faces in puffy sleeping bags, but let's not kid ourselves—surviving a night on a frozen lake is no small feat. You'll find me eyeing those supposed 'comfortable' setups with a … Read more