Deadstick Ice Fishing

frozen lake ice fishing

There’s a theory among ice anglers that deadstick fishing is a passive game, a waiting strategy with less skill than jigging. I’ve spent countless hours on the frozen lakes, rod in hand, questioning that assumption. It’s a method that’s often misunderstood, even by seasoned fishers. Deadsticking isn’t just about planting your rod and hoping for … Read more

Ice Fishing Tips

advice for successful ice fishing

As the mercury takes a dip, the allure of a serene ice-covered lake intensifies for those of us who relish the silent dance with finned adversaries beneath the ice. I’ve spent countless hours braving the chill to refine my ice fishing strategies, and I’ve gathered a few practical tips that can turn a good day … Read more

Ice Fishing Techniques

effective techniques for ice fishing

Just as the first frost transforms the landscape, my thoughts invariably turn to the quiet solitude of ice fishing, a pastime where precision and patience reign supreme. I’ve spent countless hours huddled over a hole in the ice, refining techniques that turn the waiting game into a pursuit of craft and cunning. Essential to success … Read more

Ice Fishing Jigging Techniques

ice fishing jigging techniques

Last winter, as I hunched over a tiny hole carved into the thick ice of Lake Wobegon, I couldn’t help but question the efficacy of various jigging techniques that seasoned ice anglers often swear by. Proponents tout the rhythmic bobbing of a lure as a near-magical fish attractor, but I’ve seen days when the fish … Read more

Best Color Line For Ice Fishing

choosing the right fishing line color for ice fishing

As an avid ice angler, I’ve often found that choosing the right color line is akin to selecting the perfect lure; it can make or break your success on the ice. Through years of experience and countless conversations with fellow fishing enthusiasts, I’ve come to realize that the right color line is not just a … Read more

How to Choose an Ice Fishing Spot?

Ice fishing is a popular winter hobby among anglers. However, it’s more challenging than sitting comfortably in your shelter and waiting for the fish to bite. On a frozen lake, the biggest challenge is how to choose an ice fishing spot. To choose an ice fishing spot, you need to start searching open waters in … Read more