Ice Fishing on Lake Superior

frozen fishing on superior

When people imagine the thrill of Lake Superior, they often forget the serene madness of sitting over a hole in the ice, waiting for a fish to bite. I’ve spent more winter days than I can count, braced against the howling wind, peering into the frigid abyss of a drilled ice hole. It’s not everyone’s … Read more

Ice Fishing on Lake Simcoe

frozen lake fishing adventure

As I sit down to pen this, I can’t help but chuckle at the thought of how our ancestors would marvel at the modern ice fishing shanties dotting Lake Simcoe’s frozen expanse. When I first ventured onto the ice, it struck me how this winter pastime has evolved, yet the core thrill of it remains … Read more

Ice Fishing on Lake Erie

frozen lake angling for fish

Last winter, I spent a day on Lake Erie, where the silence was broken only by the distant rumble of ice shifting and the occasional victorious shout of an angler pulling a walleye from the icy depths. As I set out onto the frozen expanse, the crisp air and the crunch of snow underfoot reminded … Read more

Best Places to Go Ice Fishing in Ontario

ontario s top ice fishing spots

Just as Hemingway immortalized the struggle and artistry of fishing in the open sea, the quiet, frozen lakes of Ontario offer their own brand of serene challenge. I’ve spent many seasons searching for the perfect spot to drill a hole, drop a line, and wait for that satisfying tug signaling a catch. Lake Simcoe, with … Read more

Best Places to Go Ice Fishing in Utah

top ice fishing spots utah

Utah’s frozen lakes are so teeming with fish, you’d think they were swimming in antifreeze. I’ve spent countless winters drilling holes in the ice, scouting for the perfect spot that promises a bucket full of catch. Places like Bear Lake and Strawberry Reservoir have never failed to deliver, each with their own unique allure and … Read more

Best Places to Go Ice Fishing in Wisconsin

top ice fishing spots wisconsin

As the sun’s warmth battles the crisp chill of a Wisconsin winter morning, I’m reminded that beneath the frozen surfaces of the state’s lakes lies an angler’s icy paradise. I’ve ventured across Lake Winnebago’s vast expanse, drilled holes in Door County’s silent sanctuaries, and sat shanty-side on the Chippewa Flowage, each offering unique experiences bound … Read more