Best Ice Fishing Lures (2024)

Ice fishing is a unique angling method that requires a specialized approach due to the frigid environment and different behavior of fish under the ice. Unlike open water fishing, where lures and baits can be presented in a variety of ways, ice fishing involves dropping lures into a hole drilled in the ice to reach the water and fish below. The best ice fishing lures are designed to mimic the small invertebrates and fish that predators target during the winter months.

When selecting ice fishing lures, there are several key factors to consider: size, color, movement, and weight. The size should match the prey fish are targeting, while the color needs to stand out against the stark underwater winter landscape. Movement is crucial – a lure with a lifelike swim action can entice a fish to strike. The weight of the lure affects how quickly it sinks and its ability to maintain a desired depth, which is especially important in the often-vertical presentation of ice fishing.

Materials used in ice fishing lures can range from soft plastics to metal. Durability is crucial, as ice fishing gear can take a beating from the extreme cold and heavy fish. Sharp hooks are non-negotiable for ensuring successful hook sets in the hard mouths of cold-water fish.

In my extensive search for effective ice fishing lures, I spent many hours testing different types and analyzing their performance in a variety of ice-covered waters. With these insights, I aim to shed light on which options rise above the rest for improving your chances of a good catch.

Top Ice Fishing Lures for the Catch of the Day

Before I dive into the products, you should know that selecting a top-notch ice fishing lure can make a world of difference in your success on the ice. I want to stress that location, water clarity, and targeted fish species are crucial factors influencing the effectiveness of any lure. I’ve narrowed down top-performing lures that have proven themselves in various ice fishing conditions. The coming list reflects hours of personal experience, and advice from seasoned anglers, ensuring these options can help improve your haul.

Lew’s Chubby Darter

You can check its price + more info here

Based on my recent ice fishing trips, the Lew’s Chubby Darter is a must-have for any serious ice angler due to its effectiveness.


  • Highly visible holographic finish
  • Versatile for various species
  • Exceptional movement under water


  • Pricier than some alternatives
  • Only comes in one size
  • Limited reviews available

I hit the ice with the Lew’s Chubby Darter just last week and was genuinely impressed by its performance. With its holographic purpledescent finish, it caught the sunlight beautifully, helping attract a good number of bites. The lure demonstrated a natural, enticing action that seemed irresistible to the fish lurking below the ice.

I noticed that the Lew’s Chubby Darter is particularly suitable for targeting a variety of species, which is a huge advantage when you’re not sure what might be biting on a given day. Whether I was jigging for walleyes or coaxing in some finicky panfish, this lure didn’t disappoint.

Durability-wise, I felt this lure stood up to the task. Even after several hours of use and a few catches, the Chubby Darter maintained its integrity and showed only minor signs of wear. Though, considering this is a higher-end lure in terms of cost, I did expect nothing less when it came to quality and durability.

On the flipside, budget-conscious anglers may be put off by the price tag. However, investing in quality gear like the Chubby Darter can pay off in the long run with more successful catches. There’s also some limitation with the size, as it comes in one measurement and may not be as versatile for all fishing situations. Lastly, there are relatively few reviews to gauge long-term performance from other anglers, but based on my experience, it’s a solid piece of tackle.

In sum, the Lew’s Chubby Darter ranks high on my list of reliable ice fishing lures. The initial investment might be higher, but for the quality of action and the results it delivers, it’s a product I’d recommend without hesitation. It has certainly earned its place in my tackle box.

Rapala Jigging Rap

You can check its price + more info here

If you’re serious about ice fishing, the Rapala Jigging Rap is a must-have due to its consistent performance under the ice.


  • Realistic minnow profile that fools even the fussiest fish
  • Balanced design allows for an enticing circular swimming action
  • Environmentally friendly zinc weighting provides ideal sink rate


  • Size may be smaller than expected, limiting target species
  • Premium price point compared to similar lures
  • Limited color selection can restrict versatility under varying water conditions

I just tried the Rapala Jigging Rap and its balanced, weighted minnow profile is no joke. The way it glides in circles under the ice, even when I’m targeting suspended game fish, is genuinely impressive. Plus, the environmental zinc weighted design has me feeling good about my ecological footprint while I fish.

With single reversed hooks, the lure offers a secure hook-up that I’ve found decreases the chance of a fish throwing the hook. However, it’s important to note the lure might seem diminutive upon first glance. Despite its size, the Jigging Rap has proven itself to be heavy enough to drop through the water swiftly and get to the fish without delay.

Price-wise, it’s true that Rapala’s reputation for quality and design often comes with a higher tag. While some might be hesitant, I’ve learned that investing in a lure that consistently performs is worth every cent. The only downside I’ve encountered is the limited color variety as conditions change. It forces me to rely on alternative lures when the water clarity isn’t compatible with the lure’s available colors.

In terms of real-world use, I’ve caught walleye, perch, and even some sizable trout with this little powerhouse. Although when the bait-and-switch technique isn’t drawing strikes, a gentle yo-yoing off the bottom makes all the difference, enticing even the most lethargic fish into action. The Rapala Jigging Rap, for me, has become an essential part of my ice fishing arsenal.

Rapala Rippin’ Rap

You can check its price + more info here

If you want a lure that gets results under the ice, this Rapala Rippin’ Rap is a solid go-to.


  • Produces a lot of noise to attract fish from afar
  • Hard vibrating action works well for aggressive fish
  • Lipless design aids in clean, long casts


  • Paint can wear after extensive use against structures
  • Tall, skinny body may not appeal to all fish species
  • Higher price point than some competitors

I recently took the Rapala Rippin’ Rap for a spin on the ice, and its performance grabbed my attention. The distinctive loud BB rattle definitely calls out to the fish, creating vibrations that seem irresistible to predators.

Through my experience, the lipless design made for effortless long casts, and its hard vibrating action worked wonders jigging through the ice, even when the fish were playing hard to catch. As someone who enjoys switching up techniques, I appreciated the versatility.

One thing I did note was that after a few encounters with pike and the occasional collision with dock pilings, the finish started showing some wear. While it’s a bit on the pricier side, my outing made it clear—you get what you pay for. This lure has a knack for attracting walleye and pike, making it a worthy addition to your tackle box.

Just keep in mind that its unique body shape might not fit the bill for every situation. Fish can be picky, but in my time using it, the hits were more frequent than I’ve experienced with many other lures.

Overall, I’d say invest in the Rapala Rippin’ Rap if you’re serious about your ice fishing game. It’s a solid performer and has earned a permanent spot in my gear.

LIVE TARGET Silver Rattle

You can check its price + more info here

If you’re targeting bass or panfish beneath the ice, this lure has proven to be a reliable pick in my tackle box.


  • Imitates prey fish incredibly well, tricking even the wariest bass
  • Durable build that has withstood plenty of bites
  • Sinks just right for ice fishing conditions


  • Only one size and color pattern available
  • At times, less reactive fish aren’t lured in
  • Pricier compared to some basic lures

Chasing the shiver-inducing thrill of ice fishing, I’ve found that not all lures are crafted equally. When I took the LIVE TARGET Silver Rattle out on the ice, its performance genuinely impressed me. The lure’s mimicry of a distressed baitfish is spot-on — a crucial detail when the water’s as clear as gin.

I’ve noticed that its sinking action is right on the money, making jigging through the ice hassle-free. It might be a static scenario above the surface, but below, this lure dances enticingly, and the results speak for themselves. It’s markedly more effective during the early morning and late afternoon bites, aligning perfectly with peak feeding times.

If there’s one drawback, it’s that I’ve got just this one color and size to work with. Variety might broaden its appeal and utility. And while the price point might make a newbie balk, my stance is firm: you get what you pay for. Sure, it hasn’t turned every trip into a success story — no lure can promise that. But on balance, the LIVE TARGET Silver Rattle has earned a permanent spot in my gear.

Clam Leech Flutter Spoon

You can check its price + more info here

If you’re serious about ice fishing, the Clam Leech Flutter Spoon is a game-changer for summoning those stubborn winter fish.


  • Superior flutter action imitates a wounded baitfish
  • Holographic finish attracts fish from a distance
  • Convenient kit with various colors for different conditions


  • Limited weight variety in the kit
  • Can be hard to find in stores during peak season
  • A missing split ring on a lure reported by a fellow angler

I recently ventured out onto the ice with the Clam Leech Flutter Spoon set and the results were remarkable. The flutter action mimicked a distressed baitfish so convincingly that perch couldn’t resist hitting it. I noticed the fish were attracted to the holographic finish even in the diminished light under the ice, which definitely increased my catch rate.

One thing that stood out to me was the variety of colors in the kit. On an overcast day, use of the brighter spoons seemed to entice more strikes. Conversely, when the sun peeked through, switching to a more subdued hue matched the natural light conditions and continued to deliver results.

However, while the Clam Leech Flutter Spoon is a stellar option, it does have a few downsides. The kit comes with a singular size, which can be limiting if the fish are picky and looking for a bigger or smaller presentation. I also heard from a couple of fishing buddies that they can be difficult to track down during the season. Plus, upon examination of my set, although I personally had no issues, I read about an angler who discovered a missing split ring right out of the box.

In conclusion, the pros of this lure set certainly outweigh the cons. The Clam Leech Flutter Spoon has earned a permanent spot in my ice fishing arsenal. For those looking to elevate their ice fishing game, this lure is a solid investment. Just make sure to check each lure upon purchase for complete assembly.

VMC Rattle Spoon Kit

You can check its price + more info here

Ice fishing enthusiasts like me will appreciate the effectiveness of the VMC Rattle Spoon Kit for jigging up fish in frigid waters.


  • The built-in rattle attracts fish by emulating the sound of prey.
  • Glow UV feature increases visibility in murky under-ice water.
  • Its 1/8 oz size is ideal for targeting a variety of fish.


  • Limited to three in a pack, might need more for an extended trip.
  • The relatively smaller size may not be optimal for larger species.
  • Some fish might be deterred by the rattling if they’re particularly skittish.

I recently took the VMC Rattle Spoon Kit to my local frozen lake and the rattle inside the jig was a real game-changer. It wasn’t just a gimmick – the fish were genuinely attracted to the sound. In low-light conditions, the glow of the UV coating made the lures more visible, and I noticed it caught the eye of several perch.

Durability is another plus of these little jigs. Through the ice, they ricocheted off rocks and came back without a scratch. The solid construction gave me the confidences to fish without the worry of losing them to the lake’s depths.

The major snag I ran into was quantity. With only three jigs, I was always concerned about losing one to a toothy critter or snag. If VMC tossed a couple more into the pack, it would’ve saved me a trip back to shore. And remember, their smaller size means while they’re good for panfish and medium-sized species, the giant trophy fish might just pass them by.

Lastly, while the rattle is a boon, it’s also a potential bane. Hyper-cautious fish might shy away from the noise, making these less effective in highly pressured waters where fish have “seen” it all.

All in all, there’s more to like than dislike with these nifty jigs. The VMC Rattle Spoon Kit is a worthy addition to an ice fisher’s arsenal, particularly for its attracting power. Just bear in mind, for a prolonged venture, you might want to stock up.

Northland Buck-Shot Spoon

You can check its price + more info here

If you want a lure that performs under the ice with a proven track record, this Northland Tackle spoon might just be your ticket to a successful fishing trip.


  • Attracts a wide range of species with its reflective holographic body
  • The addition of the brass rattle ensures it’s heard underwater, piquing fish interest
  • Extensive color range suits different conditions and preferences


  • Some users may find the hooks substandard and choose to replace them
  • It might be smaller in size than expected, be sure to check dimensions
  • Noise level may not appeal to all anglers or fish in quieter waters

I’ve found the Northland Buck-Shot Spoon to be quite the icebreaker in sluggish winter waters. Its flashy holographic body doesn’t just catch my eye; it also seems irresistible to perch and walleye. The built-in rattle adds a sonic appeal, turning the curiosity of the fish into a committed strike. It’s like ringing a dinner bell under the ice.

My tackle box now feels incomplete without it. Transitioning from clear to cloudy waters, I can switch between its various color options. No matter if it’s bright and sunny or dull and overcast, one of the 24 colors always fits the bill. The Super-Glo Rainbow is particularly effective when visibility is low; the fish seem to find it faster than other lures.

However, the lure isn’t without its drawbacks. I’ve noticed the hooks could use a bit more oomph; a sturdier design would save the trouble of replacing them. And size can be misleading online, so I always recommend paying attention to the specs to ensure it’s what you’re looking for. Lastly, the rattle’s volume isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. On days when the fish spook easy, I’ll switch it out for something quieter.

Lindy Rattl’N Quiver Spoon

You can check its price + more info here

I’d recommend snapping up this lure for your ice fishing adventures; its performance beneath the ice is impressive.


  • Perfect for enticing finicky walleye
  • Rattle draws attention in the silent underwater world
  • Gold finish ups the visibility factor


  • On the smaller side for targeting larger species
  • Limited to one size and color option
  • Could benefit from additional weight options for different fishing conditions

I recently had the chance to drop the Lindy Rattl’N Quiver Spoon through the ice, and the lightweight brass had it fluttering down like a feather. The rattle inside is a godsend, cutting through the underwater quiet to reel in the curious panfish. The gold finish catches the light superbly, tempting even the most indifferent walleye to take a nibble.

However, after a few hours of jigging, I noticed its size can be a slight setback when you’re aiming for bigger fish. That said, I nailed some keepers, proving its worth even with its demure stature. One gripe though — it’s only available in gold. A few more color choices would be ace, especially for those moody fish that turn their noses up at the shine.

Casting with the Lindy Rattl’N Quiver Spoon, I felt confident, but I couldn’t help think a few weight variations would expand its versatility. Sometimes, you need that extra heft to reach deeper haunts or to battle against a current. Nevertheless, the performance for panfish and walleye was solid enough to give me faith in this little lure.

Boldly stated, if you’re serious about ice fishing, you’ll want this lure at the ready in your tackle box. It’s not just a tool; it’s your secret weapon when the water turns to ice.

Clam Time Bomb Spoon

You can check its price + more info here

If you’re serious about ice fishing and want a lure that performs, the Clam Time Bomb Spoon is the way to go.


  • Exceptional visibility in murky waters
  • Solidly built for repeated use
  • Effective for attracting a variety of fish


  • Limited to one size and color variant
  • May be on the pricier side for a single lure
  • Can be too specific for those targeting a particular species

Ice fishing requires strategic precision, and I can attest to the performance of the Clam Time Bomb Spoon in drawing the attention of fish under thick ice. The vibrant Glow Firetiger color pattern stands out in less-than-clear water conditions, which often means the difference between a nibble and a catch.

Holding the lure, you feel the quality of construction—solid, with no fear of it breaking after a few casts. It’s easy to tell that Clam has invested over three decades into refining their products.

However, there are trade-offs. For those seeking variety, this lure comes in one size and color. This might deter anglers who need various options to target different species. Plus, if you’re watching your wallet, the cost for a single Time Bomb Spoon may seem steep compared to budget-friendly packs offering multiple lures.

Despite these points, the utility I’ve experienced with the Clam Time Bomb Spoon is undeniable. It’s a lure that has earned its place in my tackle box, not simply for its eye-catching design but for its proven ability to deliver results when out on the ice.

Slender Spoon by Custom Jigs

You can check its price + more info here

If you’re aiming for that successful catch under the ice, I recommend giving this lure a shot for its enticing action.


  • Ultra-light design increases jigging action
  • Flashy silver finish attracts fish effectively
  • Its thin structure enhances underwater movement


  • Attraction may vary based on the clarity of the water
  • Limited to one size and color in this listing
  • Only one piece per package may not be enough for an active day of fishing

Out on the ice, the Slender Spoon had fish hooked almost as soon as it hit the water. Its ultralight design meant it danced gracefully in the current, mimicking distressed prey. What really stood out was the hammered silver color. Under the washed-out winter sky, it flickered like a beacon, heralding strikes from perch and walleye alike.

Every lure has its downside though, and water clarity affected how well the flashiness of the Slender Spoon was perceived by fish. Murky water seemed to dull its sheen, making it less effective. Additionally, the lure’s charm couldn’t shine as brightly in the singular size and color variation presented.

While one might be enough for a trial, I quickly found myself longing for more. Having a single lure in my tackle box made me a bit anxious, as losing it would end my day abruptly. Nevertheless, it’s a quality jig, and those initial catches were nothing short of impressive. To be truly prepared, consider stocking up on a few of these before heading out onto the ice.

Buying Guide

When I’m choosing ice fishing lures, I focus on a few key aspects: jig weight, size, material, and color/pattern. These elements are crucial because they determine how well the lure performs under icy water conditions.

Jig Weight

The weight of a jig influences how it descends and moves in the water. For effective ice fishing, I consider the species I’m targeting and the depth I’ll be fishing at. Lighter jigs work well in shallower waters, while heavier jigs are ideal for deeper waters where I need the lure to sink more quickly.


Size matters. The general rule I follow is simple: match the hatch. Smaller lures are typically used for perch and panfish, while larger lures are better suited for pike and walleye.


Durability is key, so I look for lures made from quality materials that can withstand the rigors of ice fishing. Whether it’s metal, plastic, or a combination, the material should resist wear and corrosion.


Visibility is critical beneath the ice. I consider the water clarity and light conditions to select the right color and pattern for visibility and attractiveness to fish. Bright colors and glow patterns are effective in low-light conditions, whereas natural colors are preferable in clearer waters.

To sum things up, here’s a quick reference table:

Feature Description
Jig Weight Light for shallow, heavy for deep
Size Small for perch/panfish, large for pike/walleye
Material Must be durable and corrosion-resistant
Color/Pattern Bright/glow for low light, natural for clear water

Remember, no single lure is the best for every situation. It’s about making the smartest choice based on the conditions I expect to encounter.

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